Nexus Card Application

Nexus Card Application

The Nexus Card is meant for travelers who frequently cross the US Canada Border. Using the card one can use dedicated processing lanes at the northern border ports located at the entry gates. This is for low risk when anyone passes the border. You can use the card for purchasing air tickets for traveling to the United States and Canada.

Below you can find a detailed review of the Nexus credit card. Scroll down to read the benefits of the card and steps on how to apply.

Nexus Card Review

This card is serviced by Global Online Enrollment System (GOES). Read the following detailed reviews on this card:-

  • You get exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Your points will expire if your account has been inactive for one year.
  • This card offers rewards on up to two shares per day.
  • You can use your points in any order you make.
  • When you spend $1500 you’ll earn 6000 points.
  • You earn 10,000 points as a member of Nexus rewards, you will automatically become a VIP.


Earn more points on every future purchase and you also get exclusive offers and discounts.


Your points will expire if your account has been inactive for one year.

Benefits of Nexus card:-

Before you apply for this card, it is important to read its detailed rewards:-

  • When you spend $1500 you will earn 3000 points.
  • Get $30 toward your next purchase.
  • Get 1000 points when you sign up for an account.
  • When you share a product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, get 50 points.
  • You reward with 250 bonus points after you have had an active account for 365 days.
  • This card offers up to 10 shares per week, up to 20 shares per months and up to 50 shares total.
  • Get $60 toward your next purchase.

How to Apply For Nexus Card

Step 1) Register with Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) website to register yourself on the welcome page, choose “Register in English” and create a GOES ACCOUNT.

Nexus Card Apply

Step 2) If you would like to apply online, download a NEXUS application form. This application form will require:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of your current place of residence.

If you are a Canadian or US citizen and a permanent resident of another country, you need to provide proof of both your citizenship and your permanent residency status.

Step 3) Submit your NEXUS application form through GOES.

Pay $50 processing fee by credit card.

Step 4) Check your GOES account for information on the next step. Once your application has been processed you have to attend an interview at a NEXUS Enrollment center.

Step 5) If your interview is successful, you will be issued a NEXUS card.