Hobby Lobby Credit Card Application

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Apply for the Hobby Lobby Credit Card at the online portal of the U.S. Bank. The credit card is provided by the bank for the customers of the Hobby Lobby stores. Credit card holders can earn exclusive offers in-store or online. It is a rewards card that lets you save more on purchases. A good credit score required for approval.

Thinking whether the credit card is good? You can find a detailed review of the Hobby Lobby Credit Card here. We have also listed the benefits of the credit card that lets you get a detailed insight into the rewards program.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Reviews

  • There is an annual fee of $29 on the credit card.
  • The balance transfer fee charged is minimum 3%.
  • There is no over limit fee.
  • The grace period is 24 days.
  • There is no maximum penalty APR.
  • If you fail to make the payments on time there is a fee of $38.


  • The credit card has a decent amount rewards on it. If you are willing to get a credit card with a lot of savings, then it is a perfect choice.
  • Great for the frequent shoppers of the Hobby Lobby stores. The earned rewards can be redeemed easily.


  • If you have varied spending habits, then you may consider comparing other credit cards in this range.
  • You need to pay annual charges for usage.

Benefits of the Hobby Lobby Credit Card

  • There is a reward of 10,000 points on your first purchase within 90 days of account opening.
  • A $25 rewards card on accumulating 2,500 points.
  • Spending $1 at the Hobby Lobby store you can earn 5 points. 1 point on spending $1 anywhere where Visa is accepted.
  • The earned rewards can be easily redeemed towards future purchases or cash.

How to Apply For Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Step 1– To begin the application process the user must open the application homepage of the Hobby Lobby.  Click on the “Apply Now” button found at the top right of the webpage and you will be taken ahead to the applications page of the U.S Bank.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Application

Step 2– Enter the required personal information in the first section of the form:

  • Complete Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN
  • Citizenship
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Apply

Step 3– Scroll down and enter the following details as housing information:

  • Physical Address
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Time at Address
  • Mail Delivery Address

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Apply Online

Step 4– Next, there will be the income and employment information section. Complete the required fields with the below-provided information:

  • Employment Status
  • Employer
  • Annual Income
  • Source of Annual Income
  • Additional Income Sources
  • Cash Transaction details

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Review

Step 5– Check ‘Yes’ if you are interested in balance transfers, select whether you require an additional card and choose a chard art.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Benefits

Step 6– Read the terms and conditions, check to blank box to agree and finally tap on the ‘Submit’ button.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Terms and Conditions