U.S. Green Card Application

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Apply for the U.S. Green Card at the web portal of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Green Card depicts your citizenship status in the United States. If you have the card you are considered as a citizen of the country. Therefore, you can live and work permanently in the country. The approval depends on your individual status. However, you can apply for the Green Card with the help of the instructions below.

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card is provided by the U.S Immigration service to the foreign citizens. This grants them the permission to live in the nation without any hassle of obtaining a Visa. It is also termed as the Permanent Resident Card, under the Form I-551.

However, the validity of the card varies. It is valid for 10 years for all permanent residents. If you are a conditional resident then the card would be functional for only 2 years. You can renew the card or replace it after the expiry.

How to Apply For U.S. Green Card

To obtain the U.S. Green Card the applicant has to perform a stepwise process. This includes petition and processing.

Step 1– To begin you must ensure whether you are eligible for application. The requirements may vary from the condition of the immigrant category. You can go to the USCIS eligibility page for the Green Card for a detailed information.

Step 2– Once you get the card you will be entitled immigration status in the U.S, naturalize as a U.S citizen and provides rights and responsibilities.

Step 3– To begin the application process you need to go to the website of the USCIS and check whether VISA is available in your category.

Step 4– After you have checked the Visa availability, you need to visit a physical location to provide fingerprints, signature and photos.

Step 5– You would require doing an interview.

Step 6– Wait for a decision as a response to your application.

What to do if the Green Card Application is pending?

Once the applicant has submitted a Form I-485, Application for enrolling for a permanent residence or adjust status your application may be pending with the USCIS.

 Sign up for Case Status Updates                        

Step 1– When you are willing to receive case status updates, it is important that you sign up at the case status online page.

U.S. Green Card Application

Step 2– At this webpage, you can check your case status. Just provide a receipt number and click on the ‘Check Status’ button below.